This section contains some Regulations of the Field that Risatti Instruments uses in the realisation of its testing equipment. Tests of electric, electronic and electromechanical instruments are realised following guidelines and protocols of the Regulations here below.


  • CEI EN 60335-1

    CEI EN 60335-1 Regulation refers to the electric safety of electric devices for domestic and commercial use.

    The application field concerns electric devices with a nominal voltage not higher than 250 V (single-phase) and 480 for the others. Such Regulation refers also to instruments with c.c or battery powered supply.

    This law is also applied to commercial or community instruments, used in commercial buildings. However, it is not applied to: – equipment for industrial uses; – equipment used in places with particular conditions, for example explosive or corrosive environments (dust, steam or gas); – audio/video equipment; – electro medical equipment;
    – portable motorised electric instruments; personal computers and similar; transportable motorised electric instruments.

  • CEI EN 50106

    CEI EN 50106 Regulation describes a series of routine tests, which are performed on electric products included in the application field of the EN-60335-1.

    These tests are done to detect variations that can occur during the realisation of the equipment and that may compromise its safety.

    The routine tests listed in this law are necessary to cover the essential safety aspects.

    Three general tests are described (continuity of the ground circuit, applied voltage, functional test) with the same features for all equipment.

  • CEI EN 60034-1

    CEI- EN-60034 Regulation is applied to rotating electric machines.

    This law defines the nominal and working features of electric machines or some of their parts.

    It specifies the methods to perform the leakage voltage tests, according to the typology of the windings of rotating electric machines.

  • CEI EN 60204-1

    CEI-EN-60204 Regulation is applied to electric and electronic equipment of machines with nominal voltages, not higher than 1000 V.a.c or 1500 V.d.c, with frequencies up to 200 Hz.

    This law provides prescriptions and suggestions about the electric equipment of machines in order to promote:

    – Safety of people and good
    – Congruence of control responses
    – Maintenance ease

  • CEI EN 60270

    CEI EN 60270 Regulation refers to the measurement of partial discharges on electric components or systems with alternated voltages up to 400 Hz or with continuous voltage.

    Partial discharges can be defined as local electric discharges that overcome only partially the insulation between conductors.

    This law describes the quantities to measure, measurement methods, test circuits and calibration methods.