Testing Electric Motors to help the Environment

Greater concern for the environment and an ever-innovative spirit. It’s with this ­­­­thought that main automotive brands are betting more and more on the development of vehicles with hybrid or 100% electric motors. Tesla, for example, which in addition to making cars with a unique design, has as their trademark vehicles that do not consume 1 drop of fossil fuel. By 2030 the number of electric cars worldwide is expected to be around 140 million (10% of the total passenger ...

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Testing systems RISATTI INSTRUMENTS in the ev electric powertrain motor test sector


First in Europe to have carried out the “SURGE” test and the first to use a PC for the complete management of the tests, Risatti Instruments has always stood out for being at the forefront of the sector and, in particular, in the Powertrain test, thus covering the role of leader. For example, wih the partial discharge detection system. The complete range of machines produced allows all ...

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On March 20th: demonstrating our partial discharge detection solution

Demonstrating our partial discharge detection solution

On March 20th, we organized an event for our customers to demonstrate our latest partial discharge detection systems, displaying the effectiveness of our systems and how they can be used to ensure the quality and durability of a broad range of products.

The demonstration event featured the brand new H9/CPS testing tool, giving customers who attended the first chance to see our new product in action. The H9 has been in development for several years, and ...

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Our compact machine – H8/NET


This machine has been realised to allow the complete access to the production cycle, using a remote control on the Company server.

Features of the machine:

– Double workplace

– 5 standard tests: Surge, insulation, dielectric strength, milliohmmeter, rotation sense

– 40-column printer

– Total automation of the annual calibration

– Ergonomics, accident prevention safety

– Dimensions: 800 x 700 x h732mm

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Latest edition of our Stator Test Bench

To celebrate our 70° anniversary, Risatti wants to present the new edition of its H5/NCP Stator Bench. This machine has always represented a pillar in the Company production, for its technical performance and versatility.

Together with the standard tests (ohmic resistance, dielectric strength, rotation, Surge), the customer can customise this machines, choosing among several options like:

  • insulation resistance;
  • ground efficiency conductor;
  • partial discharge;
  • single or double workplace;
  • 5KV for dielectric strength and Surge tests;
  • clamps expandable from 8 to 16

These are only a few of the numerous ...

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