1.7.2 – P28/RT.2 Tubular gearmotors with rotating table and 2 stations

Product Description


Electric and functional test for high productions: over two pieces/min.


Tubular gearmotors for shutters and awnings.


Innovative and original system with 2-station rotating table. Possibility to adapt to any type of gearmotor, both as diameter (45mm standard, 35mm, 55mm, etc) and torque or supplied power. Standard test parameters, according to normative EN60335. Cycle time: any test time can be parameterised. Standard complete cycle max 25 sec. Compact system with minimum burden. Possibility of applying a stamping machine for the pieces.


Station 1: manual load and unload with terminals connection. Safety tests:

    • Ground efficiency tests
    • Insulation resistance
    • Dielectric strength
    • Windings ohmic resistance
    • Testing

Station 2:

    • Limit switch regulation
    • Functioning tests with load (brake) in both rotation senses
    • Leakage current
    • Control of the sliding angle of the internal brake