1.6.5 – F3/A Automatic digital megaohmmeter

Product Description


Measurement of the insulation resistance on an electric equipment.


This type of test is requested everywhere. The machine can be part of the safety tests required by different regulations, together with S3/PT for the ground efficiency test and E3/A for dielectric strength.


    • Adjustable test voltage between 200 and 2.500 Vdc (others under request)
    • Maximum current: 3 mA
    • Measurement field from 200KΩ to 10GΩ
    • Setting of the threshold value for the automatic result
    • Programmable timer
    • 4″ touch-screen display to set data and results


    • HV test cables
    • WEB server module with DLL for external software
    • 40-column printer
    • Assembly in a bench (like in the picture) or rack