8.2.3 – E63/A Dielectric strength tester for elevated voltages

Product Description


Dielectric strength tester with all adjustable parameters, for elevated voltages and powers.


All fields, where this test is requested. Production – Reparations – Technical service – Workshop


• Test voltage up to 30 KV (others under request)
• Maximum current up to 1 A (according to the test voltage)
• Timer max 100 sec
• Management through PLC with colour digital visualiser, for all values, on 4″ display with touch-screen
• Voltage application with the use of a static relay to avoid extra voltages


Among the several options, which allow a wide customisation, we underline:
• WEB SERVER module with DLL for data transmission to external PC
• Motorised voltage converter for current stabilisation and for programmable voltage loading and unloading ramp
• 40 column printer for detected values
• Separation of the active and reactive current component