1.6.9 – F13/PAT “Delta T” detection on supplied windings

Product Description


It allows to calculate the “DELTA T” on windings, while they are supplied and working in the normal cycle.


Single and three-phase windings, in particular of small motors. For workshop or statistical control.


    • Maximum current, absorbed by the testing motor, up to 10 A per phase.
    • Full scale from 12,50 mohm a 800 ohm
    • Resolution: 10 µΩ
    • Automatic compensation of the ambient temperature
    • Thresholds setting for automatic results
    • Automatic calculation of unbalance between phases
    • Measures memorisation
    • Automatic calculation of “DELTA T”
    • Thermal unbalance calculation between phases
    • “Self-ranging” and “Self-start” functions
    • Printer with customised heading


    • 40-column printer
    • RS 232 or USB outlets for external PC